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At Willow House we understand the importance of regular activity to stimulate and entertain our clients. We offer a range of daily and weekly residential home activities that encourage social interaction and amusement as well as physical and mental exercise. We can tailor the activities to suit the individual needs of our clients.


We encourage relatives and friends to take clients on outings and if needed, a wheelchair can be provided.

Our care home activities

• Armchair exercises

• Songs & music

• Quizzes

• Games

• Craft activities

• And more!

Some of the activities we offer include:

As well as a full range of activities and entertainment, we also offer regular services such as hairdressers and chiropodists and access to dental and hearing specialists. For full details about the comprehensive care home services offered at Willow House, please feel free to  contact us anytime.

A full range of vital care home services

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